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Blades are made of 80CRV2 High Carbon Steel, 440-C German Stainless Steel, CPM 154, 1095 High Carbon Steel and 15N20 High Carbon Steel for Damascus. Handles are handmade by using a variety of materials including resin, stabilized wood and burl-hybrid wood variations.


If you would like a specific set of handles installed on your knife, purchase the handles along with the blade. If handles are not purchased along with the blade, the handles in the image will be or a comparable pair will be used. Please note that each handle set is unique. There is no way that I can guarantee that handle sets will match. The appearance of handle sets can and will vary from set to set. I also cannot guarantee that colours will match exactly. Each batch is made with the exact same products but outcome may vary.


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Kodiak - Self Defense Dagger

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